Often leaders know their team can be more effective, but they aren’t sure how to achieve this objective.

They observe the individual team members being so busy getting work done that they don’t stop and think, “How can we, as a team, work smarter together?” This is where BONSAI® can help. Our team building retreats:

  • Increase camaraderie through a positive, uplifting experience
  • Build engagement by solving real problems (like removing obstacles to higher performance)
  • Increase the emotional intelligence of the individuals and group
  • Increase effective collaboration
  • Identify opportunities to leverage individual and team strengths (and address any weaknesses)

Teams focusing on strengths every day have 12.5% higher productivity

We design Gallup® strength-based team building retreats and sessions that are fun, interactive and customized for the client’s objectives. Our approach helps team members learn to perform better both as individuals and a group, by understanding each other’s strengths, and how to use this knowledge to address daily responsibilities and broader organizational challenges. We coach the leader on how to best work with each individual and leverage the strengths of the group. We can also facilitate group problem solving and planning. 

We are unique in that we:

Customize the retreat

so it is meaningful and exciting whether our audience includes scientists, executive team members, or front-line supervisors with little or no college education.

Solve real problems

at retreats versus artificial training scenarios. We believe time away from the office needs to be focused on value-adding activities so you accomplish two things at once (learn a skill and solve a real challenge).

Use a strength-based approach

to understand the complex dynamics of the strengths and how to form team superpowers so 1+1 = 3.

Utilize our 25+ years of experience

to provide business and leadership advice during the discussions.

Coach the leader

to help ensure value is captured long term. We’ll suggest how to keep the material top of mind and integrated into daily operations.

We have successfully worked with small executive teams to department heads to large groups of 30-50 members. Although the content for each was different, typical sessions run from 3-6 hours.


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