Free-Range Coaching

Our clients don’t simply want to be asked questions and listened to, which is considered traditional coaching. They also value and expect advice based on our knowledge and experience as leaders and consultants. You achieve higher performance when we blend coaching and consulting. Our approach builds commitment, engagement and learning through discovery.

Expect Advice, Not Just Questions
Sometimes we go with what might  initially be perceived as “off the range” into the personal side of life. But in fact, lives are so integrated these days; issues spill over, so truly the range has expanded to include all of life’s facets. And coaching makes you not only more effective and fulfilled professionally, but also rounds you out personally as you develop and fine tune critical life skills.

Organic Production

The methods and processes we use depend on your objectives, resources and starting point. Because these are different for each person or organization, the solutions we propose are different. We don’t have a “one size fits all” coaching or consulting approach – our work is customized to deliver maximum value.

We determine the best process once we get to know you and your goals. And if we need to make a mid-course correction, we will. This optimizes your resources and gets the job done faster and better.


We are like gluten in that we help people and organizations be:


having a clear purpose and being intentional and confident in actions aligned to the mission.


integrating changes into current practices so the transformation endures.


being agile in responding to changes in the organization and market.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

We are proud to partner with:

Flippen Group provides a unique, high impact 360 profile for our clients. It reduces the number of coaching sessions needed because it allows us to dive deep early in the process.

Root enables our clients to better communicate their strategy and engage employees in this process using an interactive learning tool.

Gallup® provides strengths testing so we can powerfully coach our clients and suggest shifts that are aligned to how they are naturally wired.


We are successful when we are no longer needed frequently because the desired transformation has occurred and the leaders are bearing fruit. This can take 3-4 months for a leader, depending on the situation and frequency of coaching. Workplace engagement may take longer. While we miss the interaction, we love celebrating these victories!

Deep Roots

We strive to embody BONSAI’s values to the best of our ability. Also ingrained in our practices are the Midwestern values of:

  • Working hard
  • Taking pride in our work
  • Building relationships on trust
  • Keeping commitments

Our advice and actions have a Biblical foundation, even if this topic doesn’t arise in conversations with clients. While we serve our clients, we know we are held accountable to God who has given us the gifts that we use to help others. For those interested, we can add a faith-based element to our coaching. Clients who desire this approach find it powerful because it adds a new dimension that enables even greater progress.