“We need to work smarter, not harder”

was a recent comment by two business partners. When you’re in a partnership to fulfill a mission, it’s vital you’re leveraging each other’s strengths so that one plus one equals three. It’s like a duet. Individually singers might be very good, but a combination can be truly amazing. The pair isn’t fixing the other’s weakness, but they are both contributing a unique sound to the harmony.

In just 1-4 sessions (depending on your objectives), we can help you both figure out how to achieve better results in less time.

This is also an ideal process for on-boarding a new leader or key employee. Using a strengths-based approach, we will help you each appreciate and use your unique combination of strengths. We will look at the two sets of 34 strengths to:

  • Weave your strengths together to address specific challenges in a powerful way
  • Identify any Achilles’ heels for the partnership and plan accordingly
  • Ensure that the division of responsibilities aligns with each person’s strengths
  • Examine how the strengths influence your partnership style and what small shifts you can make to be more effective

There is always seems to be a point in these conversations when someone declares, “I never knew that about you,” even if they had known each other for years. We examine the needs each partner has (“I won’t get it done without a deadline”), as well as a way each partner can help the other develop. Once people realize a person exhibits a quirky behavior because he or she is wired that way and it is tied to a strength, it generally leads to understanding and allows more grace to be extended. We can also spend time ensuring alignment on purpose, vision, communication processes, etc.

All the above works whether the pair includes:

  • Two leaders in an organization who work closely together (perhaps one grooming the other for a position)
  • Manager/employee
  • Mentor/mentee
  • Ministry partners
  • Business partners


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