Clients who reached out to us for team building said:
It is amazing how many times we have talked about strengths in everyday conversation since the team retreat that Loriana led. The way the team members were engaged throughout the training was inspiring to me. That was due to how it was presented and the high level of interaction and group work.  It made them curious and inquisitive and opened their eyes to different things.

Travis McCubbin, PGA/CMAA
General Manager, The Club at Old Hawthorne

Loriana’s deep knowledge of the Strength’s Assessment was apparent in the first conversation we had. The training she delivered was catered specifically to our team. We took away a lot from the exercises and still incorporate the principles into our everyday work.

Emily Harvey
Human Resource Director, Flat Branch Home Loans

With Loriana’s counsel, in a very short time our staff began a transformation to a strong team.   She has helped staff to better understand their own strengths, improve awareness and value each other’s strengths, and use a strength based approach to build work teams and facilitate strong staff leadership in the work of our mission.

Debbie Naucke
former Executive Director, Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments

THANK YOU for sharing your time to present to our 2016 Greater Missouri Leadership Challenge class! Our leaders enjoyed your half-day training on Strengths-Based Leadership! Thank you so much for taking part in our program this year.

Jan Grossmann
Executive Director, Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation

It was an eye-opening workshop for me. I realized that I do have strengths that I did not see as a strength before or didn’t know I even had it. Secondly, I learned how could I further explore them professionally. Now, I not only acknowledge my strengths but it was also a wake-up call on how to go about future career development/opportunities that will enable me to leverage them to successfully contribute to a team.

Postdoctoral Associate, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
I learned a lot at the team retreat and still benefit from the workshop almost daily. I was able to see things I had always done in a new light – as strengths, and to embrace them and start using them more fully.  That has changed how I work.  I also now identify, appreciate and develop the strengths in the people I work with.

Scott Myers
Locker Room and Custodial Manager, The Club At Old Hawthorne

I attended [your workshop] at Danforth Center and I wanted to personally email you and thank you for your discussion. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the meeting and it ended up being the most useful meeting I have attended this entire year! Not only was your message and advice a major eye opening experience, I think the major contributor to that was how you conducted the meeting and your presentation style.

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center