Are your employees:

  • Proactively seeking and identifying improvement opportunities and suggesting solutions?
  • Taking ownership for achieving the organization’s mission?
  • Caring about their customers with the passion of a business owner?

22% higher profitability | 21% higher productivity
37% lower absenteeism | 10% higher customer ratings

If so, congratulations! You are among the 30% of the US workforce that is actively engaged. That means everyone in your rowboat is paddling hard in the same direction, with the same pace and timing.

If not, you are leaving money on the table or not providing the level of service/product possible because employees are either part of the:

  • 51% of American workers who are not engaged (they stopped paddling as hard, some tossed the oar aside, and others are paddling off-time because they just don’t care)
  • 17% of American workers who are actively disengaged (paddling is purposefully in the opposite direction, and sometimes the oar is used to throw someone off the boat)

Is it easy to develop an engaged workplace?

Yes and no. The concepts are simple and straightforward. However, the execution is challenging because it requires a new way of leading and a mindset change for everyone in the organization. We can help you through this journey.

Why do this?

Because when employees are as committed to the mission as you are, they’ll work smarter and harder. They will be on the lookout for doing things better, or even new sources of revenue or expense reduction. They’ll become proactive, taking on greater responsibility so each level of leadership can be more focused on strategic vs. operational issues.

Our Expertise

For over 25 years we have developed expertise on workplace engagement from various perspectives – leading a high performance organization, consulting with businesses making this transformation, coaching leaders, and even researching and teaching this subject. This means you get the benefit of our experience and we can help you successfully navigate through the minefields and realize results sooner.

Helping Leaders

We help leaders understand what it means to have an engaged workplace and how they can achieve this goal. Our involvement can include:

  • Conducting an organizational assessment, which builds commitment and mines valuable information needed to make improvements, engage employees and move forward with the change effort (We focus employees on solutions, not problems)
  • Developing strategies for transforming the organization to becoming a high performance team
  • Supporting the execution of the changes
  • Coaching leadership through this process


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