Your Speed Might Be Limiting You

How intentional are you with the speed at which you think, work, or talk? Our pace can directly impact our effectiveness and how others perceive us (and vice versa). Managing our speed is a way to increase our emotional intelligence. I will take the next few blogs to examine this issue.

People make judgments based on our speed relative to theirs.

This topic has been surfacing in coaching conversations with different clients. The common element was a lack of awareness and management of speed, and the results were less than optimal. Fair or not, people make judgments about us based on our speed of:

  • Decision-making
  • Speaking
  • Responding

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The Power of Looking Back

Wait, did I really write that title? My #2 strength is futuristic (looking ahead) and context (viewing history as helpful for learning) is at the bottom of my list at #33. I also have activator as #1, which means I am all about forward movement. So, this topic must be uber-important for me to write about it.

Looking back builds confidence, reduces stress, increases our faith and improves decision-making.

A valiant leader walks forward into tough battles after ascertaining the danger. Read the Full Article

Finding Joy in the Journey

Do you ever find yourself moving through your list quickly and efficiently, but despite getting a lot done, you aren’t enjoying the work that should bring you pleasure? That was my “aha” moment earlier this month.

Late summer is a busy time for many people – school restarting, businesses eager to get a lot done by the year’s end, pressure to finish everything before a final summer vacation or recovering from the email onslaught after one, etc. I am feeling that pressure as well – there is so much to do over the next few weeks. Read the Full Article

Are You Wearing the Right Hat?

We all wear many hats within our family, community and organizations. Sometimes we find ourselves wearing multiple hats at once, and that usually isn’t a good look. Nor is it always effective. Let’s examine how we can be more intentional about our hat selections to get better performance. Read the Full Article

INTELLECTION – How to develop and leverage this strength

I am fascinated how Gallup’s Intellection talent theme is often underutilized by those who possess it and misunderstood by those who do not. Today’s blog will improve the effectiveness of both groups. Let’s start with Gallup’s definition of Intellection: People especially talented in this theme are characterized by their intellectual activity. They are introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions. Read the Full Article

Celebrate Independence By Practicing It

The upcoming Independence Day has me thinking about how independent we are as Americans (which I am proud to be). And so, it makes sense that an engaged workplace is where we want to work. That’s where we are free to determine our “how” (the process for getting our work done) when given the “what” (e.g., our goals). Read the Full Article

Busting myths on Gallup Strengths

My views on Gallup Strengths Finder have recently changed after an intensive certification training and extensive use with clients. The statements below are heard widely in the coaching world, and I used to believe some of these myths, too!

1) All you need are your Top 5 Strengths. I had heard (and even used to say) that knowing your top 5 is sufficient; otherwise, you might dwell on the lowest ones. Now, I whole-heartedly disagree. Why? Read the Full Article

Networking for geeks and problem-solvers

One of the hardest parts of networking for my clients is the initial approach. Once engaged in conversation, they are fine. But the thought of those first few moments when they have to muster the courage to approach and say something to generate dialogue is when fear sets in. Clients tell me that they stress out about, “What should I ask? What if I look stupid?”  Read the Full Article


What you need to know.

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I am a business advisor and strengths coach (with 25+ years of business experience), and I’m using this blog to inspire readers to make simple, powerful changes to boost their performance and joy. Guest writers and I will primarily focus on:

1. Harvesting value from Gallup® strengths knowledge and application

2. Breaking free from imposter syndrome and “faking it” to a more authentic reality

Living authentically AND intentionally aiming your strengths daily is emancipating and powerful! This blog can help you with both.

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