Resolve to Check Baggage in 2018

I was reading Kevin Palau’s book Unlikely at the airport last week and thought a comment that the former mayor of Portland, Sam Adams, made in the foreword was insightful. Before meeting with Kevin Palau (minister and president of the Luis Palau Association), the mayor said he felt weary, had negative assumptions about the other party, but was hopeful and

“Circumstances pushed me to listen with very open ears … [and] their attitude was not at all what I expected.”

Subsequently, the two forged an unlikely partnership and friendship that has powerfully impacted Portland’s public schools in a positive way.  Read the Full Article

The Good, the Bad and the Grey Area

In the last year, I have noticed an increased polarization in thinking. Employees are often judging others as either all good or all bad vs. an ability to see shades of grey. This is concerning because it suggests that people are viewed as either extremely flawed or flawless, neither of which is usually anywhere near accurate. This type of decision-making erodes:

  • Teamwork
  • The inclusion of a diversity of perspectives
  • A healthy and enjoyable work atmosphere.

All of these outcomes undermine the effectiveness of an organization. Coaching suggestions to shift this thinking are at the end of this blog. Read the Full Article

Sharing Our Gratitude

As Thanksgiving approaches, a flood of people come to mind whose actions or words have positively affected me.

While Thanksgiving is often focused on the important 3F’s of the holiday, food, family and football (to quote a family member), it is also a wonderful opportunity to reflect on what we are thankful for. While I am certainly grateful for having a warm home and food and good health, my mind quickly shifts to people who have positively impacted my life and those I care about. The question, I realized is, “Do they know how I feel?”

A grateful heart changes us. Grateful words can change others.

Your challenge: Tell three people who may not realize their impact on you of your gratitude for them (and be specific).

Take this action immediately or you might forget (at least identify the individuals)! While I typically issue a challenge in my blogs, this is one I also am doing today. I plan to either call or write a personal note sharing my appreciation. Your action will certainly bless them, and it might be just the encouraging words they need to hear.

I am personally grateful to the many who have encouraged, supported, guided and assisted me in my journey. Above all, my husband Patrick has truly been a treasure and our marriage a gift from heaven that I never imagined was possible. I am most grateful for God giving His Son for us so that we might have eternal life with Him. I look with anticipation to the coming Christmas season as we celebrate this most precious and sacrificial gift.

I wish you and your family a most wonderful Thanksgiving!

Speed of Confession

How quickly do you confess when you mess up? During lunch today with a leader I highly respect, I realized that speed is an important component to admitting mistakes.

The conversation centered around, “How do you share a mistake in a way that will save face?” My suggestion was to reframe that question into, “How do you share the mistake in a way that is a teachable moment and builds credibility?”

Whether we realize it or not, people usually see our mistakes. It is how we react to our mistakes that builds credibility and character. Most people are more than willing to extend grace, especially if we own up to the mistake quickly. If the correction is made sooner rather than later, speed also reduces the likelihood of additional ramifications because the error wasn’t corrected in time. Read the Full Article

Change Your Energy, Change Your Influence

Energy, or lack thereof, is something we all bring to any situation. I am not sure, however, we are always in tune with its powerful impact. It’s like a ceiling fan. The speed can be so low that the fan isn’t noticed. Or, it may be cranked up, scattering anything that isn’t nailed down.

Where in this spectrum is your energy level? Do people notice your presence? Does it overwhelm them? Or, do you bring a level of energy that lifts people’s spirits, gets them excited about what’s ahead, and enables you to be of influence?

This is the second in my blog series on speed. My inner geek decided to find my old physics formula, and yes, energy is dependent on speed. Just like we can change our decision-making speed, we can also intentionally moderate our energy level. Read the Full Article

Your Speed Might Be Limiting You

How intentional are you with the speed at which you think, work, or talk? Our pace can directly impact our effectiveness and how others perceive us (and vice versa). Managing our speed is a way to increase our emotional intelligence. I will take the next few blogs to examine this issue.

People make judgments based on our speed relative to theirs.

This topic has been surfacing in coaching conversations with different clients. The common element was a lack of awareness and management of speed, and the results were less than optimal. Fair or not, people make judgments about us based on our speed of:

  • Decision-making
  • Speaking
  • Responding

Read the Full Article

The Power of Looking Back

Wait, did I really write that title? My #2 strength is futuristic (looking ahead) and context (viewing history as helpful for learning) is at the bottom of my list at #33. I also have activator as #1, which means I am all about forward movement. So, this topic must be uber-important for me to write about it.

Looking back builds confidence, reduces stress, increases our faith and improves decision-making.

A valiant leader walks forward into tough battles after ascertaining the danger. Read the Full Article

Finding Joy in the Journey

Do you ever find yourself moving through your list quickly and efficiently, but despite getting a lot done, you aren’t enjoying the work that should bring you pleasure? That was my “aha” moment earlier this month.

Late summer is a busy time for many people – school restarting, businesses eager to get a lot done by the year’s end, pressure to finish everything before a final summer vacation or recovering from the email onslaught after one, etc. I am feeling that pressure as well – there is so much to do over the next few weeks. Read the Full Article

Are You Wearing the Right Hat?

We all wear many hats within our family, community and organizations. Sometimes we find ourselves wearing multiple hats at once, and that usually isn’t a good look. Nor is it always effective. Let’s examine how we can be more intentional about our hat selections to get better performance. Read the Full Article

INTELLECTION – How to develop and leverage this strength

I am fascinated how Gallup’s Intellection talent theme is often underutilized by those who possess it and misunderstood by those who do not. Today’s blog will improve the effectiveness of both groups. Let’s start with Gallup’s definition of Intellection: People especially talented in this theme are characterized by their intellectual activity. They are introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions. Read the Full Article