I led an inauthentic life for nearly 44 years. I had all the credentials (UCLA-trained engineer, MIT Sloan School of Management graduate, started and ran a successful consulting company for 16 years, experience with many businesses of all sizes, etc.) but little confidence in who I really was.

And then, one day, someone asked me a powerful question that changed everything. It dealt with why I didn’t want to own my thoughts. That question started the process of tearing down the walls I built around myself and began my search for authenticity and purpose. I pushed boundaries, abandoned my comfort zone, and discovered who I was, instead of who everyone else expected me to be. Now, that’s what I do. I ask questions and share ideas that lead to transformation.

Since then, I have relentlessly pursued helping others bear their best fruit. This is the mission of BONSAI®.

You can see details of my 25+ years of business experience and credentials, like being a Gallup Certified Coach, on my LinkedIn page.

Here is some of what I discovered on my journey, which has influenced my approach and sets me apart:

Clients want me to advise & coach

While most coaches don’t share their opinions (and we are trained not to), my clients can expect me to use my wealth of business experience and knowledge. I share my expertise on soft skills, engagement, and business.

I’m vulnerable

Being vulnerable enables me to identify and deal with real issues. While it was scary the first time I let my guard down, it allowed authenticity and transformation to spread like wildfire. Vulnerability has the potential to positively change many lives and I want to see more of this.

I don’t try to change you. We work together to enhance you

We work with how you were designed. We’ll polish it, leverage it, and get in the right mindset to use your strengths more often.

Engagement is the best approach

For over 25 years, I have researched, led and advised team-based organizations. I strongly believe it is the most profitable, sustainable, powerful and enjoyable way to lead and be led.

Growth in people, not revenue, is our goal

BONSAI’s annual success is measured by the lives changed and fruit born. This impacts decisions about who we work with and the type of projects we do. It frees us to advise what is best for the client, even if it reduces BONSAI’s income.

Every step of my life (good and bad ones) has prepared me for this business. Let’s Talk about working together on clarifying your purpose, discovering your superpowers, and taking action to bear your best fruit.

Loriana and I both took the road less traveled to arrive at BONSAI®, but my path never deviated from helping people and finding solutions. From clinical pharmacist to pharma sales to operations manager, all my past positions demanded quick, accurate and flexible solution development with decisions often having a life or death impact. Within those jobs, I especially enjoyed mentoring and developing others to provide health care more efficiently and effectively.

My current position at the VA as a clinical pharmacist and previous roles at Merck, two health care centers, and an Express Scripts start-up, have given me a breadth of organizational experience. When I first started learning about Gallup strengths, it helped me make sense of my career path, unique abilities and successes along the way. It taught me that I do well at really “getting” where others are at and helping them identify the best ways to be more effective and reach goals. I also thrive when designing solutions and implementing best practices, which is primary role for BONSAI®.

Working with patients and my own personal journey has made me acutely aware of how precious life is. This advantage, combined with having “context” as my #1 Gallup strength, prevents me from getting rattled by crises and problems like I did when I was younger and struggled with perfectionism. My ability to relate to clients who still have this burden has been extremely helpful in the coaching process. My context strength enables me to help clients reframe situations so they can get unstuck and off a plateau.

Embracing that I am different from others and how they approach life, and helping others do the same, is my passion. I believe we should celebrate and utilize how we are unique, and that approach shines through in my coaching methods and work at BONSAI®.