Only 33% of American employees are engaged. Are you?

Each person is like a Bonsai tree. When shaped to bring out its natural strengths, it flourishes and produces great fruit. When you discover that potential with yourself, you will perform in ways you never thought possible. And because you are doing so in a way that is authentically you, great satisfaction will emerge. Have you discovered and fully developed your Bonsai?
Want 4 more hours of free time each week?
Intentionally using your strengths is proven to do this!

In Loriana’s work at Hillsboro Title in the area of culture change and making Hillsboro Title a great place to work, she was able to elicit valuable information about how my staff really felt about their work, coworkers and environment.  Loriana provided a clear and prioritized plan to me…for action.  I found enormous value in the clarity that Loriana provided. 

Jackie Hoyt
CEO, Hillsboro Title Company

People who focus on strengths:
Have 7.8% greater productivity
Are 6x more engaged
Have a 3x higher quality life

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